1. Finalize first draft of contributor's letter
  2. Feel ready to work independnetly on our programs of study


Monday check-ins, Friday check-outs (running agenda)

Operations manual

  1. SD — Onboarding / hiring logistics
  2. AR — Calendar setup and sharing
  3. RN — Reimbursement with Abacus
  4. AF — Requesting and scheduling leave with Float
  5. MZ — Maintaining 339R Summer


Contributor's 📨

Organizational objectives

  • Approval
  • Team
  • Vision
  • Shared vocabulary / team development
  • Operations / district integration

Vision ➡ mission ➡ strategy ➡ organizational objectives ➡ personal objectives/contributor's letter

By example



Objectives everyone should have

  1. Program of study (POS) proposal (including a program and project)
  2. Fluency in computation, narrative, and design
  3. Understanding and developing Powderhouse's design
  4. Personal growth objective?
  5. Additional Powderhouse objective?


This week

  1. Flesh out and share with AR + SD your list of resources you're jazzed about
  2. Draft bios + headshots for the website and deploy them
  3. Finish open projects (bags, desks, whatevs)
  4. Meet with SD & AR and revise of your contributor's letters
  5. Writing up the processes we've all been assigned
  6. Outlining and drafting a starting point for our programs of study
  7. Review and revise AR/SD's new drafts of the FRY spec, organizational objectives, and our norms brainstorm